St Paul’s Gloucester Codes of Conduct, Privacy and Photo policy

Codes of conduct

All Parish organisations are bound by the Newcastle Anglican codes of conduct.

Faithfulness in service

Faithfulness in service can be downloaded here: Faithfulness-in-Service-6th-Edition-June-2016

Being together

Expectations of behaviour in our church community

Jesus told us to love one another as he loves us. As Christians we know our life together is strengthened when our behaviour is consistent with our faith. However, our experience of being together can be difficult, particularly when there are differences. So it is important to be clear about how we will behave towards each other.

Being a community:

We will value the wellbeing of others. We will encourage each other to participate in the life of the church. We will consider the impact of our behaviour on others.

Relating to each other:

We will treat each other with respect and dignity, irrespective of ability, gender, sexuality, race, age or contribution to the church. We will act with integrity and honesty in our interactions with each other.

Communicating with each other:

We will communicate respectfully with others, and not in a way that threatens, belittles or humiliates. We will speak with integrity and honesty, and refrain from speculation and gossip.

Acknowledging difference:

We will respect those who are different from us and not isolate or ridicule them. We will listen to and seek to understand the beliefs, opinions, and practices of others, even when we do not share their views.

Responding to conflict:

We will accept responsibility for our part in a conflict. We will be willing to play our part in resolving a conflict.



Privacy Policy


This collection notice applies to personal information collected by this Parish for the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle. We are collecting your personal information for the purposes of performing our functions, which include providing administrative support to the Bishop of Newcastle, his Ministry team and the ministries of the parishes and organisations of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle. If you do not provide us with this information, we may not be able to assist you. In the course of performing our functions, we may share personal information within the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle, its agencies, organisations, parishes and chaplaincies. We may also disclose personal information to third parties, such as our third party service providers or other Anglican Diocese’s and their agencies, Parishes and Chaplaincies, or to comply with laws.

We will not disclose your personal information to overseas recipients. All personal information which we collect is held pursuant to the Privacy Policy of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle, which contains further information about how our personal information is collected and managed, other entities your information may be disclosed to and your rights to access and seek correction of your personal information.

The Privacy Policy is available at If you would like to contact the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle about the Privacy Policy, please contact the Privacy Officer by writing to the Diocesan Business Manager, Diocese of Newcastle, P O Box 817, Newcastle NSW 2300